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Home » 2018 » February » 23 » The appeal of AMAC to the Azerbaijanians in London
The appeal of AMAC to the Azerbaijanians in London

Dear compatriots living in London. It doesn't matter where we live, Azerbaijan is our motherland. We always follow the events and we are always interested with all the things in all spheres-in economy, in politics, in cultural life in Azerbaijan. We are happy with good news and are sad with bad news. AMAC needs intelligent, educated, enthusiastic young generation and seniors who will help Azerbaijan to progress and develop with their experience and advices. AMAC is not an opposition. The purpose of AMAC is to help the power - the state and government with its useful advices and offers, it doesn't matter what party and who is on power. Azerbaijan is rich with its natural resources. AMAC will help the people to take advantage of these resources and profit by it. We will be happy if You join AMAC. Let us work together for the happy and wonderful future of Azerbaijan!

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